Thunderclap: Protect immigrant families NOW

Civic Boston • 27 June 2018
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The images from the border are shocking, but every day in our own communities, families are also being torn apart by overzealous immigration enforcement. Worst of all, though some cities and towns have strong, explicit policies to assure residents that they can call 911 without fear of being turned over to ICE, hundreds more do not.

When you've just been mugged, your partner is beating you, or your child has been seriously injured, you shouldn't have to check the ZIP code before calling 911. That's why we supported the Safe Communities Act, to draw a clear line between immigration and public safety. The state Senate included 4 provisions from the SCA in its version of the FY2019 budget, but the House has done nothing so far, and Governor Baker has threatened to veto the Senate measure. The Conference Committee will finish its budget imminently. 

Join our campaign to tell your Rep & House leaders: This is a top priority! Include basic protections for immigrant families in the FY2019 budget!

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